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Microblading Deposits

At time of booking, a $150 deposit must be made to create your appointment. Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Remaining balance of your session will be due day of service. 


Rescheduling and Cancelations

It is understood that unforeseen instances may come up, and we will do our best to reschedule you in a timely manner. However, please understand cancelations are very disruptive to our specific type of scheduling. If you need to reschedule your appointment, a minimum of 72 hours is requested, or you will forfeit your deposit and will need to place another $150 deposit to reschedule and make another appointment. No-shows will be charged 100% of their service total. Previous no-shows will also have to pay for their additional rescheduled service at the time of booking in full. For services other than Microblading, 48hr notice of cancelation/reschedule is requested. Failure to provide notice will result in 100% pre-payment of rescheduled service. Pre-payment is non-refundable. 



Microblading Contraindications, limitations, and rules

Skin type

Not every skin type is a good candidate for Microblading. Oily skin and or mature skin may require other modalities such as shading or machine work. We will determine what is the best style for you at your appointment. 


Chronic medical conditions

Clients with chronic medical conditions including but not limited to: cancer, blood diseases, diabetes, auto-immune disorders will be subject to written consent by your physician. However, even if your physician agrees to the procedure, artist may turn down for comfortability reasons as well as outcome results. Microblading will not be performed on pregnant women or anyone under the age of 18. 

Previous Tattoo Work 

I am very selective when deciding to work over previous Microblading or permanent makeup. If you have had any previous work done please email at picture of your brows to  Please be sure natural lighting is used with no makeup on the brow area. Additionally, if you had previous Microblading, please note that if you are new to me, you will be charged as an Initial Session and a perfecting session may still be necessary. 

Microblading Process

It is important to note that Microblading is completed in 2+ sessions. Your first session is called your Initial Session. here we lay the ground work. 6-12(max) weeks later we do your perfecting session.  At your Perfecting Session we lay down more pigment, perfect shape and correct areas that faded unevenly. Clients with health conditions or excessive bleeding may be subject to an additional touch up session ($75 if done with-in 6 weeks after perfecting session). I recommend scheduling your Perfecting Session at the time of your Initial. I will try everything I can to accommodate you in that 6-12 week time period however, if you go past 12 weeks, client is subject to additional Initial Charge ($450).   



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